Life screening of Sir Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth

Last night I was at Greenwich Picture House where I bumped into Jane Cooke of our community chorus and later saw another of our Macbeth chorus members, Leslee Dryland. Greenwich Picture House is a venue for the National Theatre NT Live Broadcasts and on 20th and 23rd July the Picture House is screening Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth in Manchester. The evening performance on 20th July is already sold out, but there are still tickets for the afternoon performance on 23rd July.

Leslee and I were both buying tickets, because after Blackheath Halls Macbeth opera we are keen to see Sir Kenneth’s interpretation of the Scottish play. I am sure we will see quite a few of the participants of ‘our’ Macbeth in Greenwich Picture House and it is great to see how taking part in our Community Opera encourages people to go to other performances and become more involved in the arts. Many of Blackheath Halls performers become opera lovers and regularly go to ENO performances and teachers of participating schools have taken their pupils to ENO and other venues.

Here is an excerpt from the review on the BBC website about Sir Kenneth’s Brannagh’s Macbeth

“Sir Kenneth Branagh’s first appearance as Macbeth has confirmed him to be an “intemperately exciting Shakespearean actor” in what is a “great” production of the play, critics have decided.

Macbeth is Sir Kenneth’s first Shakespeare role on stage for 11 years.

It is being staged in a 281-capacity deconsecrated church in Manchester.

Tickets have sold out, but the 20 July performance will be beamed live to thousands of spectators on a giant screen in Manchester and to theatres around the world as part of the National Theatre’s NT Live broadcasts.”

PS I couldn’t find a suitable photo to add to this post, hence Macbeth’s boots!


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