Feedback about last night’s performance

Feedback from members of the audience about last night’s performance – what more can I add!

“Last night’s performance was great. I was at Covent Garden on Friday (fabulous sets), Glyndebourne on Sunday (glorious singing, outrageous sets) but for all round enjoyment and the sheer life-affirming joy of opera and music-making amidst all the gore, Blackheath Community Opera’s Macbeth won hands down.” – Alison Marriott

“What a triumph last night was – fabulous production. I thought it was beautiful and powerful – absolutely stunning. Great singers, great cast, great ensemble and orchestra.”

“Glyndebourne, eat your heart out”

“My favourite scene was the one with the witches and their cauldron. Fantastic singing and acting – wouldn’t want to meet those witches on a dark November evening”

“I write to pass on my sincere congratulations further to last night’s exceptional performance at Blackheath Halls. I was, as always, so impressed to witness the enthusiasm for this project and I thought this year’s community opera was fantastic. I am sure that you have already had some incredibly positive feedback and it is very much deserved. Many congratulations to all who worked on this exceptional project” – Professor Anthony Bowne, Principal Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

“I loved Macbeth! Everyone was so good, the orchestra played it better than I could have imagined, and it was superbly sung – I’m proud of our small roles and the students had a fantastic time working with you all.” – Linda Hirst, Head of Vocal Studies Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

“That was the most marvellous evening – a surprisingly good choice of opera, and a superb staging!” – Howard Shields

“So glad I was able to support this fantastic performance” – one of our major donors

“Macbeth was another Minor Miracle produced by Rose, Nick and Matthew. For the audience to hear word class voices on our doorstep is a lovely treat, but for the participants to work so closely with the soloists and Nick must have been an experience of a lifetime! Also nice to see Blackheath becoming a better known arts destination at the ROH and in London at large as more and more friends brave the train and make their way to see the productions.

Lovely to see Trinity students make their Blackheath Community Opera debuts. I was sitting next to a soprano with an international career who gave them a hearty thumbs up for the small solos; so good to have a professional validate our own feelings! I hope the students who supported the community chorus also enjoyed themselves and had a rewarding experience.

And, finally, my loudest Bravo goes to the orchestra who sounded fabulous and never, not for a single moment, did I wish them to be in the pit!!!” – Helena Bayliss – Ambassador for Blackheath Halls Community Opera

“It was fabulous – fantastic to see so many people in the community come together.
Long may the community opera continue!”
– Janet Dutton


One thought on “Feedback about last night’s performance

  1. I heard at least two people say, at different performances, how good the diction was from all the singers, chorus included. A tribute to Nick and Stephen who worked hard with us all on that aspect. I’ve loved the chorus music for this opera – and there is a lot for us to sing!

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