Last night’s performance by Trinity School at Blackheath Halls

Before last night’s performance of Macbeth in Blackheath Halls, we were treated to a performance by students from Trinity School in Lewisham. The students have taken part in a series of workshops at their school and composed music based on Verdi’s Macbeth. This project forms part of Blackheath Halls Community Opera and was organised by Katie Windsor, Project Manager – Learning and Participation (Music) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Project Director was Joe Townsend and at Trinity School Gordon Baird, Director of Music, was responsible for the project.

It was great to see how talented these students are and how much they enjoyed performing their work. The feedback from the audience was very positive.

Joe Townsend, Project Director, writes

“I would like to thank everyone for their amazing performance last night.

Will Shakespeare and Joe Green (Giuseppi Verdi) would have been proud and possibly a little overwhelmed by the pulsating grooves, rocking guitar solo provided by another Will and the rap inspired by Macbeth’s soliloquy. Naomi Grace sang a fantastic solo version of “into the darkness” in her Beyonce Knowles inspired voice. They tangled with the material and central themes of ambition, kingship, nature and power; themes which are every bit as relevant today as when Shakespeare first penned his play.

What was most impressive was the way the ensemble worked together as a team and the hard work they put in guided by the Trinity Laban student mentor team. All involved showed great energy, creativity and resilience which are some of the key qualities needed for great arts education.

“The best cultural education can change a young person’s sense of the wider world around them, opening up possibilities for their future that may have previously seemed outside of their grasp. What’s more, the study of specific cultural education subjects, such as art and design, dance, drama, film studies and music has direct educational benefits for children, enabling young people to gain valuable knowledge and skills that stay with them for the rest of their lives.” Darren Henley Cultural Education A summary of programmes and opportunities July 2013

We are not ticking boxes here but trying to make a fabulous cultural statement that can make everyone’s life richer through a celebration of music. Music which is a central part of the human experience since we hunted mammoths and made fires and sang songs together. Well done everybody!

Most of the young people went to the Opera and were impressed by over a hundred people singing their hearts out.

A huge acknowledgement has to go to Rose Ballantyne and the team at Blackheath Halls for providing the inspiration for the project and making it possible for us to perform on the set only an hour before the main performance. The support from Mr Baird at Trinity School and the tireless endeavour of Katie Windsor from Trinity Laban’s Learning and Participation department meant that the project could flow with creativity and allow everyone’s talent to be fully realised.









One thought on “Last night’s performance by Trinity School at Blackheath Halls

  1. I’d like to say well done to everyone involved in this performance. It was a really moving event and Trinity School clearly has some extremely talented young composers and musicians. It was a great pleasure for Blackheath Halls to welcome them into the performing space, and I hope both the school and the parents felt very proud of these students. A big congratulations to Joe Townsend, Katie Windsor, Gordon Baird and the Trinity Laban students for pulling together this inspiring performance.

    Rose Ballantyne

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