Message from a member of the community chorus

Message from Barbara Kolator who with her husband John Balwin sings in the community chorus and is a supporter of Blackheath Halls Community Opera

On Friday we must have had the best performance ever; the atmosphere was electric. Everyone without exception performed their best, the crowd scenes were spectacular and moving, witches ghastly, apparitions ghostly and assassins and soldiers menacing. All the soloists were superb but they always are. We are so lucky to get to perform with such class.

To me though it really brings home the meaning of Community, when you get a jumble of all these different people, of all ages, backgrounds, professions and interests, add in some school children and children from the special schools add in some dedicated and committed professionals stir it in the Blackheath cauldron and what do you get, a truly impressive spectacle. Of course none of it would happen without Rose. As a consequence we all get to feel part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

One other thing that I have particularly enjoyed this year is working with Greenvale and Charlton Schools. It has been a real honour and privilege to work with such delightful people and their teachers. The students knew every cue, every move, and every word of their songs. They were very focused and in spite of being excited and nervous were capable of great concentration and performance on stage. We could confidently follow their lead. I found this very humbling and inspiring, especially when one of the teachers said that that the children had to work twice as hard as we did to get there. What a pleasure it was, so well done to you all.




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