Review in City AM ‘A fringe show of West End quality’

Excerpts from a review in City AM of Friday 12th July

Blackheath Halls | By Elsie Salinsky
Three Stars

“NOW entering its eighth year, Blackheath Halls Community Opera continues to present a convincing case for bringing together enthusiastic locals and world-class professionals to create a satisfying alternative to the summer country house opera. Verdi’s Macbeth is an ambitious choice, not least because of the demands placed on the Lady Macbeth character. We are spoiled by Miriam Murphy, whose powerhouse talent is thrilling at close range. Her characterisation of the sinister protagonist was detailed and convincing.”

“Smaller roles taken by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance students were well delivered, and the vast number of local singers, adults and children were able to show off their impeccable diction and musical timing to the fullest as the orchestra was sensibly placed far away from the performers and audience.”

“A fringe show of West End quality.”


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