Reviews by members of the audience

We are very grateful for the feedback we receive from members of the audience. Thank you very much for writing to us to let us know what you thought about ‘our’ Macbeth.

Here are excerpts from two letters we received from members of the audience:

‘so enjoyed the Opera on Wednesday. It was a most ambitious undertaking, but thanks to the huge efforts and skills of yourselves and all your team you pulled it off.

The Chorus was particularly impressive, so animated and involved. Far better than the usual professional opera chorus. The orchestra was also excellent.

You get better and better every year.’

‘I am very impressed by the excellent production of Macbeth. The orchestra , singing and direction were all of the highest quality and I was particularly impressed by the chorus consisting as it did of amateurs, many of them children. Although this chorus was large, everybody moved about the stage confidently, looking totally involved and at ease in their roles.

So often during the evening I was reminded of Greek tragedy. Lady Macbeth was the Clytemnestra or Electra in her steely resolve. She and Macbeth standing over the blood-spattered body of Duncan reminded me of Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus standing in the gloating triumph over the brutally murdered Agamemnon and his mistress Cassandra. Macbeth reeling with bloodied hands from Duncan’s bed-chamber was like Orestes staggering on stage after murdering his mother Clytemnestra.

Most of all the witches dancing around the disorientated Macbeth reminded me of the binding song of the Furies in the Euminides of Aeschylus as they whirled around Orestes, who stumbles about bewitched, dazed, unable to escape.

Congratulations to all involved. Their hard work, dedication, imagination and talent made the performance of this powerful opera an enriching and thought provoking experience.’

(A thought provoking review by a retired classics teacher)


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