Feedback from participating children

Project Manager Rose Ballantyne asked children from Brooklands Primary School and St Margaret’s Lee C of E Primary School for feedback on their involvement in Blackheath Halls Opera.

Collated feedback from children (slightly edited where necessary)

• I have really enjoyed working with pros. I thought opera was boring but now I know that it is really cool. I really enjoyed seeing 50 witches, it was quite a surprise. Victor

• I really enjoyed the opera because we work with professionals and the set is awesome. Also, I love it because we aren’t just working as a school project but as a community. This opera has made me feel a lot more confident on stage. Lauren

• I really enjoyed the opera because it makes you feel that you’re part of something bigger than the ordinary school play. It has really boosted my confidence. It has been a great help and a wonderful experience. I would do it again. If I could rate it: five stars! Aidan

• I really enjoyed working with the highly professional singers because they make it fun and it makes me feel like an opera singer. Sahara

• I liked hearing and watching all the people backstage because when you watch an opera or film you never think about people behind the scenes like all the costume people and directors. I didn’t realise how much professional people practise to get it right. Abbie

• I really enjoyed the opera because we got to work with professionals, I really liked ‘travelling’ backstage and seeing stuff you can’t normally see. I liked learning all the songs and I can’t wait to perform in front of lots of people. The opera project is a great experience and I really enjoyed it. Lucas

• I mostly enjoyed working with professional actors who are very fun. I also enjoyed it because we got to sing and my hobby is singing. It was the most super outing I have been to. I loved the experience! Shalica

• I really enjoy working with professional people because we get to learn fromthem. Also, I enjoy making the costume for Macbeth. I also like seeing the other children perform because we get to see how it looks. Gracjana

• I like being on stage and doing drama and I feel like a professional in the opera and I feel so excited and I can’t believe that I am getting taught by professionals. Deshon

• I have really enjoyed doing Macbeth the Opera with the professionals at Blackheath Halls. It is a great opportunity. Thomas

• The moment I enjoyed most about the opera so far is working with professional people that have helped me become a better singer. The scene I enjoyed the most is the first one because we get to scare Macbeth and we get to use all of the space. Louise

• I enjoyed the opera because I got to be Macduff kid. And I like the imps and to be a refugee. Megan


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