Feedback from pupils from Trinity School

Here is a link to the performance and this is what the pupils thought about the composition project at their school:

What was the best thing about the project?

Performing to the public, brainstorming ideas, learning new skills. We liked watching the opera and going to Greenwich.
Making the soundscapes and learning how to use Garageband.

What did you learn that was new?

We learnt how to compose, to play as a group, different technical words and the story of Macbeth
Not to think every project you do is always going to be boring
I may choose to start a career in opera, I found out I was good at singing and writing lyrics

What have you learnt about opera?

It’s high and hard work, but it’s worth it
It’s like if they die music comes instead of blood, expressing themselves through sound
You can really express things in opera

What was it like working with Trinity Laban?

Joe was good at organising us and creating pieces of music and songs from scratch. He helped us with ideas and motivated us. He never says no! We really enjoyed visiting the Conservatoire. It was good being able to work with someone younger (the TL students) as we may be them in a few years, and they gave us good advice.


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