Feedback from parents whose children took part in Macbeth

Parents at St Margaret’s Lee C of E Primary Schools gave the following feedback:

Parents’ feedback collated

How did you hear about the opera project?

• Through my daughter’s school
• I’m a member of Blackheath Halls Orchestra
• Daughter’s school taking part (St Margaret’s Lee)
• Via school (St Margaret’s Lee)
• I heard about it from school, it was letter with details and a flyer advertising the opera.
• Through my daughter’s school when it confirmed they were taking part. Also through the orchestra members who are friends
• Abbie, my daughter, was in it. St Margaret’s School.
• Via school letter for details, however my son excitedly told me about it before
• Through St Margaret’s school participation

Did you enjoy the project?

• It was a wonderful opportunity to add depth and richness to the school curriculum. They learned about heraldry, tartan, how to make a design/pattern book for costumes, gothic writing, let alone all the elements that make an opera. This is the way education should be!
• Yes, it was a fantastic experience, the highlight of which was having my daughter participate too! Much appreciated the attendance of Edward Gardner
• Enjoyed watching performance. Daughter thoroughly enjoyed taking part – rehearsals and performance. We are not a musical family so this was a fantastic opportunity – thank you.
• Absolutely fantastic. My son loved the whole thing – training, rehearsals, all the learning about the story, the music….He is normally quite anxious about performing but really lived and breathed the story and the project.
• Yes, very much, and so did my child.
• Enormously! I loved the music and the costumes. Thought the children taking part was brilliant. The work in the foyer was amazing and should be praised and encouraged.
• I thoroughly enjoyed watching the opera. It was obvious too how much the children enjoyed it. What an amazing experience for them!
• Yes, very much so. The seating arrangement was very good, singing and music wonderful, acting engaging.
• I thought it was inspiring for my son and brought out a side of him that I hadn’t seen before. The children rose up to the professional level set by everyone involved.

In what way could the project have been improved?

• More attention could have been drawn to the children’s work display. Not enough time to get costumes together.
• The installation of air-conditioning!
• More notice on costume requirements (very small point as thought project was great).
• In no way. I thought it was brilliant.
• I have no idea, the costumes were good, the appearances of the children were numerous and sitting in the audience was great.
• Another performance……both primary schools should have the opportunity to do a matinee. And the children should somehow be able to watch more of the opera. Having them backstage for 2 hours was difficult for them. Maybe a monitor could be set up?
• I’m not sure it could to be honest. Maybe photos of the kids during rehearsals on boards in the hall or some sort of purchasable photographic reminder – ie cast + soloists + kids??
• It would have been nice if the children who would have been happy with a bigger role was given the opportunity.
• It could be improved by having it happen twice a year! Then children would really get a feel for acting, singing and performing professionally.
Any other comments:
• The photos should have been publicised to the parents.
• While the photographs themselves were superb, the admin involved was perplexing. There was limited opportunity to preview, so I didn’t really know what I was buying, and I’ve ended up with 600+ pics, mostly of people that I don’t know!
• Would have liked opportunity to purchase photographs taken throughout project.
• The class were so lucky to have the opportunity to take part in such a professional production. It gave them so much confidence to be part of something of such a high standard. I was impressed with how seriously they took it.
• My child enjoyed very much the project, he learned that ‘actors do have a lot of fun in rehearsals and that opera is not all boring’
• No – a big thanks, Rose. Naomi is looking forward to it in 2015 (please still be doing it then!!)
• My son is very keen to do it again, wanted to see a production himself and as a result we are looking for something like this that he can participate in again.


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