What people think about Blackheath Halls Opera

After the opera we received letters and emails from participants and audience to tell us how much they had enjoyed this year’s Blackheath Halls Opera, Verdi’s Macbeth. Thank you so much to all of you for emailing and writing to us!

Comments about Macbeth received by email/ letter from a variety of people

• Blackheath Halls Opera is one of the highlights of my year: it is a project of great vision, integrity, musical inspiration and sheer joy – all that for £50 a head! (member of the chorus)
• It was an amazing evening altogether – where else could you pay £15 to hear Covent Garden and New York Met soloists give extraordinary performances? Musically, dramatically and artistically, it was superb. All the performers were so obviously enjoying what they were doing and worked together so well and the audience were absolutely loving it – a tremendous atmosphere
• What a triumph last night was – fabulous production. I thought it was beautiful and powerful – absolutely stunning. Great singers, great cast, great ensemble and orchestra
• I was at Covent Garden on Friday (fabulous sets), Glyndebourne on Sunday (glorious singing, outrageous sets) but for all round enjoyment and the sheer life-affirming joy of opera and music-making amidst all the gore, Blackheath Community Opera’s Macbeth won hands down
• That was the most marvellous evening – a surprisingly good choice of opera, and a superb staging!.
• I think the idea of a community venture which includes such a wonderful cross-section of locals and professional artists, is a bold and exciting way to get people involved at so many levels – singing, playing in the orchestra, design, lighting, technical support etc, etc. The audience was bowled over – and rightly so, given the tremendously high levels of artistic achievement on display. What was really impressive was the integrated vision of all concerned, producing what amounted to a very persuasive account of Verdi’s early masterpiece. The music is fabulously driven and you all matched the composer’s fearsome demands. I have seen productions at Covent Garden – and elsewhere – and I can honestly say that our evening at Blackheath Concert Halls was more than a match for them!
• It is be a production that everyone will treasure in the memory for years to come. The Halls should be very proud indeed.
• I thought the production was fabulous the kids and chorus were amazing great sense of community!
• it was a wonderful performance, well-rehearsed, confident, slick and beautifully sung by the soloists and chorus alike
• The class really enjoyed the whole experience, as they always do, and it has even inspired a number of them to come and join the choir next year in order to do some more performing. It was particularly lovely to hear one boy enthusing about what fun it was to get the music ready, especially as he said this at the end of a rather arduous note-bashing session! He (and they) loved the challenge of conquering the tricky bits. (teacher from Brooklands Primary School, one of the participating schools)
• We thought the opera was fantastically put together with a very talented director and the singers were gorgeous. I loved the chorus scenes as well, used cleverly in the plot. What a triumph with the whole thing including Nick and the orchestra.
• Another fantastic opera under our belts – it just keeps getting better! It is such a wonderful team effort and adding in the professionalism of Nick, Chris and the soloists makes it very special. Nick is so good at making us secure musically early on so we can put a lot into the production. And the orchestra are fantastic. Many thanks to you, Rose, for all the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment that make the whole thing happen. I look forward with great anticipation to future projects. (member of the chorus)


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