Feedback from people new to Blackheath Halls Opera

David Culpan, a longstanding member of the community chorus and the assassin in this year’s Macbeth, invited friends to the performance and this is what they thought about Macbeth:

“It is now some time since we came to the first day of Macbeth. We would not have come without your encouragement but we were so, so pleased we did. It was wonderful, and we both came away having been quite moved by the whole performance.

There were excellent solo performances and some really good choral singing . And the children added so much to it all.

I was particularly moved by the beginning of the fourth act. The slow procession of a medley of people, who then huddle together in small, tight knit groups was most dramatic. Then the poignant music, and the intimacy, the immediacy, created by our proximity to the performers made us feel as if we were personally involved in the events being described. It was magic! Well done!”


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