Our first rehearsal at Greenvale School in Lewisham

This morning we had our first rehearsal at Greenvale School in Lewisham with our creative team, Director Harry Fehr, Musical Director Nicholas Jenkins, Assistant Director Jack Furness and Assistant Musical Director Jeremy Cooke.

We had a great morning singing and acting with pupils Samantha, Tiffany, Jack, Becky, Judy, Tiffany, Charlie and their teacher Carol. Most of the pupils have performed in previous Blackheath Halls Opera and sang snippets of their past parts in Blackheath Halls’ operas before we started working on Count Ory.

We practised scene one of ‘The Adventures of Count Ory’, where the pupils as villagers meet the Hermit (aka Count Ory) and his brother Rambaud and Ragonde, the Countess’ best friend. Nick’s high singing as Ragonde caused much laughter! Harry directed us through the whole scene and by the end everyone knew the words and the actions and movements.

We are looking forward to the next rehearsal at Greenvale School when we rehearse the next scene.






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