Rehearsal at Charlton Park Academy

Director Harry (Fehr), Musical Director Nick (Jenkins), Assistant Director Jack (Furness), Assistant Musical Director Jeremy (Cooke) and Project Manager Rose (Ballantyne) went to Charlton Park Academy this morning to rehearse with Claire, Ketlin and Osio and teaching assistant Katie.

We did our usual warm up with Nick leading and Jeremy on the key board and then we went straight into rehearsing the lines everyone had learnt at last week’s rehearsal. We rehearsed the scene where Count Ory appears as a hermit and is blessing everyone. Harry looked very holy indeed!

After rehearsing for 45 minutes we had a 10 minute break when Osio ‘took to the stage’ and performed a JLS song for us and we then all sang after Osio, complete with actions.

Then it was back to opera and The Adventures of Count Ory, rehearsing the scene where the chorus is spending a quiet evening in the castle. Claire, Ketlin and Rose were busy winding (pretend) wool, whilst Katie and Osio were cleaning (pretend) shoes. All of a sudden a (musical) storm broke loose and there were lots of frightened voices and prayers. Really good acting by everyone!






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