Harry Fehr, Director of The Adventures of Count Ory, talks about his role

As the director, I have been working with the set and costume designer, Max, for the last few months. In our many conversations, we have made decisions about the best way to tell the story of the opera, and about what the production will look like.

The libretto (that is, the words of the opera) for Count Ory is slightly tricky, and has therefore presented various challenges to us which we have had to confront and answer. Various factors specific to this project have also guided the choices we have made: a very large chorus, school children, a venue which isn’t a traditional theatre, the budget for the design, etc. We knew from the beginning that we had to find a way to present the story in the clearest way possible, given these ingredients.

Perhaps the most important decisions we had to make were the place (or places) and the time in which the opera would be set. Once we had decided on these, it helped guide us in our choices of sets, props and costumes.

Now that we’ve started rehearsals, my job has changed a bit. My focus now is on helping the performers to work out who their characters are, what they are thinking, and what they might do during the action of the opera. I’m working with the music director, Nick, to find how the music influences and supports the decisions we make.


2 thoughts on “Harry Fehr, Director of The Adventures of Count Ory, talks about his role

  1. We are so lucky to have a Director of Harry’s calibre working on our Blackheath Halls Opera! As ever I am in awe of all the ideas that Harry has come up with for our show. He mentions the challenges that Blackheath Halls presents to the production team for our opera. Harry and his team have come up with such ingenious solutions that give the multitudes involved in this opera as well as the beautiful music a chance to shine in our fantastic venue. If you haven’t bought your tickets already then I would urge you to come and see for yourself. I can guarantee you will love the show!

    Rose Ballantyne. Project Manager.

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