Hooray Henries dress as Nuns and break into wine cellar

Cherry Potts is a regular member of the Blackheath Halls Opera chorus and this year she is one of Count Ory’s friends. Cherry will be dressed in a nun’s habit, as well as the usual combat gear. Great fun!

PS As you can see from the photograph above, in Blackheath Halls’ main corridor we have posters for all our main Community Engagement performances, starting with our very first Blackheath Halls Opera, Bizet’s Carmen. We are looking forward to hanging up the poster of Count Ory in August.

Cherry Potts, Writer

If that sounds like the plot of an opera, it’s because it is.

[image]Tue 15th, Wed 16th, Fri 18th Jul 19.00h
Sun 20th Jul 14:30h

The Adventures of Count Ory (think Tintin crossed with Don Juan) a cartoonish take on Rossini’s le Comte d’Ory is the latest production from the ever wonderful Blackheath Halls, and the creative team which is Harry Fehr, Nick Jenkins and Rose Ballantyne; and one of the reasons I’ve not been on this site in a while. (That, and trying to organise a festival for the winter solstice, launch a new Arachne Press Title, and plan the next one!)

Religious fever has gripped a small feudal town (Camberwick Green! With a Castle!) as the ‘Hermit’ a modern-day evangelical preacher comes to town. But all is not as it seems. Disguise and Deception  are the order of the day, and chaos quickly ensues.

Tickets are…

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