The Sitzprobe and get in on Sunday 6th July

Only eight days to go to the first performance of The Adventures of Count Ory at Blackheath Halls on Tuesday 15th July!

Yesterday we had the Stizprobe at Blackheath High School. The Sitzprobe is the running through of the music of the whole opera, but without any acting or costumes. As the name Sitz indicates, everyone sits and ‘just’ sings the words, accompanied by the orchestra.

In the morning the principals sang with the adult chorus, accompanied by the orchestra, and in the afternoon the principals rehearsed with the semi chorus made up of Trinity Laban students and the orchestra.

Lunch was served by Jay, who has been singing in the opera chorus for many years, and her team. All the food is home made and not only do we have many talented performers, but good cooks as well.

Meantime, Blackheath Halls was a hive of activity with the get out of Trinity Laban’s opera Belshazzar and the get in of Count Ory. Our cafe bar currently hosts an interesting collection of cafe chairs and a Madonna statue. Lots of people are working on the get in: stage management team, design team and our Technical Manager Malcolm and his stage team. Hannah Benton, Blackheath Halls Operation Manager, was at the Sitzprob the whole day, playing the bassoon, and then spent the evening at the Halls helping with the get in, going home at midnight!

Busy but exciting times at the Halls and lots of teamwork!

Nick Sharratt and Anna Devin with TL semi chorus

Nick Sharratt with the chorus

Jay and her team

Overview of Sitzprobe

The wind section

Props in cafe bar


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