Blackheath Halls’ Count Ory – interviews on national and local radio

At Tuesday 15th July, our opening night, Anna Devin, who is Countess Adele in our Adventures of Count Ory at 6pm, will be interviewed by Sean Rafferty on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune programme. Anna will talk about Blackheath Halls Opera and what it means for a professional opera singer to perform in a community opera. We are delighted that we have an opportunity to introduce Blackheath Halls Opera to a national audience and we hope you manage to listen to the interview with Anna on Tuesday.

Cherry Potts, one of our chorus members who with her partner Alix Adams has been performing in the opera chorus for many years, will be interviewed by Croydon Radio on Monday 14th July at 1pm. Cherry is a published writer and she will talk about her books and other publishing projects but also about Blackheath Halls Opera and being part of the opera chorus. Knowing Cherry, this will give you an interesting insight in what it is to perform in Blackheath Halls Opera.


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