Work experience at Blackheath Halls (2)

Our work experience student Elizabeth would like to become an actress and she told me that her week’s work experience at Blackheath Halls has taught her how important the stage management team is for a successful production. Elizabeth thinks that at the end of a show not only the actors should be applauded but also the stage management team.

On this photograph Elizabeth can be seen looking critically at our outside display board with quotes and photos promoting The Adventures of Count Ory which Elizabeth helped to put together.

This is Elizabeth’s experience of her week at Blackheath Halls:

‘I came to Blackheath Halls to do a week work experience from Monday the 7th of July to Friday the 11th of July. I decided to do work experience here purely because I wanted to see what it would be like to work in a theatre as I want to pursue a career in acting and I can say this work experience has cemented my views in pursuing just that.

On the first day I was given a tour around the building in order to understand the history of the theatre and to simply know where I was going. Then later I helped make lunch for the opera team. When we had lunch I was able to speak to the Director, stage manager and the main singer performing in the opera which was an amazing opportunity as we were able to discuss their route into theatre work and how difficult their journey was.
This was the highlight of my week purely because it was interesting for me to see people in positions I want to be in later on in my life and I really thank Blackheath Halls for giving me that opportunity.

The rest of the week I helped with the making of props, this varied from building benches to looking for a tea pot. This was interesting for me as I was able to understand how much work goes on behind the scenes and made me more appreciative for other aspects to theatre.

Overall I have had an amazing time at Blackheath Halls and I have enjoyed every minute this goes from eating everything in their fridge to painting the stage. I would like to thank everyone that works there for being so welcoming and friendly. And I would also like to thank Helma and Rose for being friendly and never failing to give me a job to do.’


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