Work experience at Blackheath Halls Opera (1)

This week we have had two students from local secondary schools doing work experience at Blackheath Halls as part of Blackheath Halls Opera. Alice from Blackheath High School and Elizabeth from Woolwich Polytechnic spent a week helping the stage management team with props, costume and with the get in for the opera. On this photograph Alice can be seen painting our stage. Alice and Elizabeth made a real contribution to Blackheath Halls Opera. Thank you both very much, Alice and Elizabeth!

Alice wrote this about her work experience at Blackheath Halls:

‘I have really enjoyed my work experience this week it has given me the opportunity to see how a theatre is run.

I have enjoyed making props for the opera which is exciting to see them being used for example I got to build and paint a park bench which is used in an important scene in the opera. I also helped with the costume fitting for the children which was really fun as I learned that you had to be very patient with the children and it was nice seeing all there personalities. I’ve had a lovely time here all the workers are really friendly and nice to talk to which made my week even more enjoyable.

This week has opened my eyes to see how much work you have got to put in to make an opera, this is very useful as I want to have a career in something like this.’


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