Alex Coupe talks about performing in Blackheath Halls Orchestra

Alex Coupe plays first violin in the opera orchestra and this is his experience of being part of Blackheath Halls Opera:

‘I have had the great honour of being involved with Blackheath Halls Opera for the past three years. As a member of the Blackheath Halls community orchestra the opera is always the highlight of my year.

Three years ago I had never heard of our community opera and when I witnessed first-hand the true community spirit I was hooked. The fact that our community programme also involves community schools as well as special schools makes the programme even more special.

With public funding for the arts drying up, community programmes such as ours are few and far between and provide opportunities for children and adults to be involved in professional quality opera productions, which quite frankly is a rarity these days. The fact that we also attract top opera stars to sing the lead roles is icing on the cake.

My true passion has always been music and to have the chance to be involved in such an amazing production is the highlight of my year! I urge anyone who loves music to either attend one of our performances or join us next year for what will be life changing experience. A special thank you to Matthew Rose and countless others for their vision to make this happen year after year.’


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