Opening night!

What a great opening night we had! It started with a ‘Toi Toi Toi’ tweet from the amazing Joyce DiDonato and an interview of our fantastic Countess Adele, Anna Devin, on Radio 3’s InTune programme.

At 5:30 we had a performance by students from Addey & Stanhope school in Deptford who performed the music they had composed exploring the themes of Count Ory. This project was led by Trinity Laban’s Learning & Participation team.

Blackheath Halls Opera is most grateful to the many people who make Blackheath Halls Opera possible through their support. We have many individual donors and are also supported by Arts Council England, The London Borough of Lewisham, The Fischer Fund, The Hearn Foundation and The Samuel Gardner Memorial Trust. Last night we hosted a reception to say thank you to our major supporters. General Manager Keith Murray thanked everyone and Project Manager Rose Ballantyne talked about how Blackheath Halls Opera is so much more than the four performances. Thank you to our neighbours The Conservatoire for letting us have their beach for the reception! Literarly every space at the Halls is in use during the opera and we wouldn’t know where to host a reception inside our own building.

The performance started at 7:00 and was virtually sold out. Great positive atmosphere and a true ensemble production with amazing soloists! We will hopefully be able to publish reviews today, but do contact me with comments about our production.

After the performance our cafe/bar was buzzing with performers mingling with audience, all celebrating a great opening night! Mona, longstanding chorus member and Blackheath Halls Bar Supervisor, celebrated her birthday with Matthew Rose leading everyone in singing ‘Happy Birthday’. The final photos are of the exhausted stage management team who have done a great job. Our community stage manager Sarah had a double whammy: not only the opening night of Count Ory, but also, in her day job as press officer for one of the government departments, dealing with the government reshuffle!

What makes Blackheath Halls Opera so great, is the dedication of everyone involved! Thank you to all of you!

















Photo at the top of the post (c) Lena Kern.


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