Blackheath Halls Opera

Project Manager Rose Ballantyne looks back at The Adventures of Count Ory


So, we’ve managed to pull off another Blackheath Halls Opera. It’s quite a journey!!! So many achievements have been accomplished: if I were to thank everyone who helped make all this happen the list would have 200 names on it at least.

What I do know is that there are so many people out there who feel as passionately as I do about Blackheath Halls Opera. A massive thank you to all of you for making it what it is.

Here are a few of my favourite one-liners:

‘How can something important be so much fun?’

‘A life-affirming and life-changing experience! Everyone should take part.’

‘An opportunity to celebrate the best things about Blackheath: opera and community spirit both alive and thriving!’

‘The most magical, wonderful experience in the world that has affected me deeply in a very positive way.’

‘The borough should be immensely proud that this takes place and should promote it for what it is – a celebration of art and community.’

‘I would find it difficult to conceive of a better, more worthy and more positive community undertaking, anywhere. To be able to combine great but approachable art with a sense of, and the reality of, common purpose in a community is something that is not easy to describe.’

Below are a few of my favourite images to remember it The Adventures of Count Ory And now I’m off to the beach………

Have happy summers.



photos (c) Lucia Hrdá