Feedback from participants

Every participant in the 2014 Blackheath Halls Opera was sent a feedback form by Project Manager Rose and below is a selection of feedback we have received so far. If you haven’t yet sent in your feedback form or would like to write a blog post about your experience of taking part, please contact me at

We were delighted that he professional singers let us know how much they had enjoyed taking part in our opera.

Adult participants on taking part in Blackheath Halls Opera:

• ‘How can something so important be so much fun?’
• ‘Professional standards on a shoestring budget and does exactly what it says on the tin.’
• ‘I love the opportunity of being in a professionally run, fully staged production and cannot see what other opportunity I would have to do so.’
• ‘A veritable feast, but what will live in my memory is a huge swell of love and enjoyment of everyone singing their heart out and giving to the absolute maximum. It was a rare perfect blend of delight for both participants AND audience: a big thanks to all involved in such hard work.’
• ‘Full operatic production experience to the high standards set by Blackheath Halls is not easy to come by in London, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s local to me and so thrilling to be part of.’
• ‘The soloists were superb – not a weak link among them and if I hear that Act 2 trio as well sung as that ever again I shall consider myself very lucky.’
• ‘My life would be so unbearably boring & meaningless without this glorious joy of music making.’

The primary school children:

• ‘I am not a big fan of opera but performing it was one of the most fun and exciting things I have ever done. I loved singing with the professional singers. Also, I felt like someone famous in the rehearsal performing for our teachers and I couldn’t wait until the big day.’
• ‘What I enjoyed most about the Opera was the singing because it was really fun to learn and sing in a new genre and I was also very dramatic. For the costumes I really enjoyed using the sewing machine and stitching by hand. Lastly I really enjoyed designing the costumes.’
• ‘I loved learning the history of the nuns and designing a nun’s costume was amazing. I loved learning new songs. I think we were lucky to be able to do it. The best parts that I will never forget was the storm scene because I loved every bit of it. My class and myself will miss doing it.’
Parent of primary school pupil who took part:
• ‘Thank you enormously for giving my son, and all of his classmates at St Margaret’s, the most fantastic opportunity to take part in Count Ory. We enjoyed it immensely – as did he, as well as appreciating what an important part he and his peers were playing. …’

The professional singers:

• ‘Over the thirty plus years of being in my chosen profession, I have not lost my somewhat childlike joy of creating musical theatre with other people and I consider myself extremely fortunate and privileged to have been a small part of the BH Count Ory. A view that seems to be shared by so many of the participants!!’ – Steven Page, who performed the role of The Tutor
• ‘Sad @blackheathopera is over as was an immense pleasure to be involved with a wonderful community, hopefully we have inspired the children!’ Anna Devin, who performed the role of Countess Adele (via Twitter)
• ‘Community opera doesn’t get better than this.’ Nicholas Sharratt, who performed the role of Count Ory (via Twitter)


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